Steelseries Apex 7 Or £100 Cash

Steelseries Apex 7 Or £100 Cash


Winner is: Lisa Gumbley

Ticket number: 144 Answer: Mouse and Keyboard

Steel Series Apex 7 Or £100 Cash

£1.25300 Tickets – Max Purchase 40

Your choice of size (Full or TLK Edition) or just £100 cash its really up to you!

With the SteelSeries Engine software, you can personalize all the keys, not only the six dedicated ones. Text-based or key combinations, they all can be easily programmed on the go. Choose from five pre-loaded presets or make your own and change them without tabbing out.

Smart display, snazzy lights

The integrated OLED Smart Display will help you immediately adjust volume and light or change profiles. It can also show input from games and apps, like your current KDA in CS:GO, who’s speaking on Discord or what song’s playing. Use the clickable metal roller next to it to browse menus.

Get creative with lighting effect and map your own RGB light regimes. Choose from 16.8 million colours per each key, shine your favourite shade of colour or use gradual and dynamic colour changes.

The switches are also guaranteed to work for a minimum of 50 million key presses. Anti-ghosting is also included, so when you press a key, it’s pressed for sure. And if you’ve got a long gaming session ahead of you, the detachable soft touch wrist rest will keep you comfy.

Free entry option available, see Terms and conditions for details.