George Forman - BBQ GRILL

George Forman - BBQ GRILL


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Name the Famous American animated series.

  • King of the BBQ
  • King of the Kitchen
  • King of the Hill

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Be the King of the BBQ – Indoors or Out

£1.25 A Ticket – 175 Ticket – Max Tickets 50 – Ends 1st July

ON SALE FOR 24hr @ 75p

Ever wanted to be the king of the BBQ but don’t have a garden.

The George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill will entertain a whole party and cooks up to 15 portions of food at once.

The huge 1500sq cm hot plate makes it ideal for grilling plenty of steaks, sausages, fish and vegetable skewers in one go.

Its versatility allows you to grill indoors all year round or outdoors when the sun is shining and can be easily removed from its stand and taken indoors.

The removable non-stick easy clean plates and integrated drip tray make this an easy clean and mess-free way to barbeque.

You can also grill food to perfection with the variable temperature control.

Collapsible stand for indoor or outdoor cooking – the grill comes with a removable stand – attach it for a freestanding grill in the garden or place the main body of the grill on a table for indoor grilling.

The stand collapses into parts making it easy to store and is quick to assemble when you need it. Great if you don’t have much room or want to use it on a camping or caravanning trip.


  • Large grilling area – cooking area diameter 40cm (Approx.)
  • Temperature control
  • Power indicator light
  • Drip tray
  • Stand

Weight: 6.42kg

Dimensions: H97.5 x W72.2 x D72.2cm

(All measurements approx.)

Free entry option available, see Terms and conditions for details.