Elgato Wave Panels

Elgato Wave Panels


Get your grubby mitts on these sick elgato wave panels for 99p

This competition has a maximum of 200 tickets and is only available to UK residents. Tickets cost 99p per ticket with a maximum of 25 tickets per person.

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Free Postal entry available, please see T&C’s

Elgato Wave Panels

Wave Panels transform any space into a professional acoustic environment. This set consists of 6 hexagonal panels each with two foam layers of varying densities reduce both room echo and reverberation. Plus a concealed air pocket provides additional sound trapping. The result is all-round tonal balance for a superior broadcasting and listening experience.

Dual density foam construction reduces room echo and reverberation

Optimises the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings

Enhances your stereo or surround sound listening experience

Modular hexagonal profile enables limitless setup customisation

Proprietary EasyClick Frames ensure quick and easy assembly

Minimal mounting materials needed