£50 Choc-Oh™ Handmade Chocolate

£50 Choc-Oh™ Handmade Chocolate


MINE, Nom Nom nom!

This competition has a maximum of 100 tickets and is only available to UK residents. Tickets cost £0.99p each with a maximum of 10 tickets per person.
If you have any questions, head over to our Facebook page and we will get back to you ASAP.
Free Postal entry available, please see T&C’s

£50 Choc-Oh, Handmade chocolate voucher
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You’ll know by now that we are passionate about supporting streamers, but we’re also passionate about supporting small businesses who use Facebook as their main platform, which is exactly where we bumped into Kerry of Choc-Oh™. We loved the look of Kerry’s amazing, homemade chocolate, and thought the best way to bring that to you guys, is to give you a £50 voucher to choose your favorites!

Find below just a snippet of what Choc-Oh is able to create!

Loaded Slabs (Including, but not limited to)
White Belgian Lotus Caramac 
White Belgian Ferrero Roche S
White Belgian Chocolate Oreo 
Caramel Belgian Skittles 
Dark Belgian Terry’s Orange 
Dark Belgian Mint Aero 
Milk Belgian Lotus Caramac 
Milk Belgian Jelly Beans 
Milk Belgian Oreo
No description available.

Plain Slabs & Infused Bars
Milk, White & Dark Chocolate
Caramel & Ruby

Dipped Marshmallows

Bags Of Chocolate Covered Items
Coffee Beans
Banana Chips
Honeycomb Bites
No description available.

Available Toppings & Flavours
Mint Selection
Kinder Selection
Biscoff & Caramac With Fudge
Orange Selection
Jelly Sweet Selection
Malteaser & Fudge
Turkish Delight
Fruit & Nut
Lemon Meringue