£50 Scratch Card Bundle

£50 Scratch Card Bundle


Winner is: Jackie Cumming

Ticket number: 74 Answer: Sniff

With just 2 tickets Jackie bagged herself the £50 of scratch cards!! Got to be in it to win

50p for a possible massive win

50p a ticket – 150 tickets – Max 25 tickets – Ends 10th June 

You must be over 18 to Enter this competition

Want to bag yourself £50 worth of scratch cards?
You could win massively!!
Not want the gamble? Have £50 cash instead the choice is yours!!

Scratch cards will be a random selection of £5, £3, £2, £1 cards up to the total value of £50

Proof of age will be required to claim this prize, should the winner turn out not to be 18, names will be removed and the draw re-done with the remaining ticket numbers
Free entry option available, see Terms and conditions for details.