“How do I know this is legit?”

We are a fully registered Limited company with the UK’s Companies House (Company Number 12633679). We are also governed by the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission, to which we strictly abide by. All our competition draws are streamed live and directly to Facebook. Numbers are picked using Google’s Random Number Generator live on stream to ensure full transparency. In this industry, being open, and honest is absolutely paramount. Our reputation is what sets us apart from other competition providers. The new owners ‘Bill and Ben’ both previous winners and members of the community created by the John & Hayden look to continue to provide awesome low cost competitions and maintain the level of trust and transparency. We may not be able to enter the competitions anymore, but we sure are just as invested in making even more happy faces.

Follow us on Facebook to see all of our live videos and content showing the prizes, and if you’re unsure how we work, watch one of the previously live streamed videos for a flavour of what we’re about!

“Where is your company located?”

The Company address is registered in Nottingham, however Billie lives in Kent and Ben based in Nottingham.

“How do you decide who wins?”

We use the Google Random Number Generator to select the winner number from all the tickets allocated.

Whoever has been assigned the winning number is our winner! 

“I’ve Won! – How do I get my prize?”

Your Prize will be shipped directly FREE OF CHARGE from either WGC HQ, or dispatched from our chosen supplier.

We will confirm all Shipping details with the winner after the competition has been drawn, and aim to have delivery arrive within 48hrs thereafter.

“What happens if all tickets are not sold?”

Well that’s tough luck on us…..

All competitions are drawn regardless of ticket sales at the time of close.


That’s our motto and were sticking to it !

While competitions close on the advertised date, the draw date may delayed if external issues prevent us to do so. Final ticket count at close of competition will remain the same.